Anvil Cleanup/Stand Print
Written by David Conroy   
Saturday, 19 February 2011 00:00

So I finally got around to cleaning up my anvil and building a stand.  I worked it over with a wire brush, and couldn't reveal much.  I got a little more agressive with a 3M bristle Scotchbrite wheel on my right-angle grinder, and revealed a few numbers and markings, but nothing to indicate a brand.  From what I can gather there is a "1" followed by a dot, a number I can't make out in the middle, another dot, and "25".  If these are measurements in the old English hundredweight scale, that means the first number represents 112 pounds, the middle number represents quarters of that (multiples of 28), and the last is straight pounds.  That makes my anvil somewhere inbetween 1-0-25 and 1-3-25 or between 137 amd 221 pounds.  I'll need to break out a scale, I guess.


I then took a 36 grit flap disk to the anvil face and horn to smooth it out and reduce the rust, scale, and pock marks since I've read every surface on your anvil face will get transferred to your hot metal.  Here's the finished product:



The stand was made out of a single 4"x4"x8'  and 2 2"x4"x8' piece of cedar.  The 4x4 got cut into 4 2' long pieces.  Then I measured the base of the anvil, length and width.  Then I added 3" to each dimension to get to the overall length of members needed.  The 2x4's got cut into 4 long pieces and 4 shorter pieces to form an interior rectangle just the right size to hold the feet of the anvil snug.  Once everything was cut I drilled holes that fell centered on the 4x4's and are offest by 1-1/4 inches vertically so they can cross over each other and not interfere.


Each hole got a carriage bolt, washer and nut and got tightened up with a ratchet after ensure each piece was square.  When finished, the anvil was hoisted into place and fits perfectly!


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